Saturday, November 14, 2015

Just do it

I don't follow professional sport. Some of the European league soccer as it deals with local teams, because you can't really avoid it, but that's it. Apparently, though, Nike's put itself in some trouble. And then...

“I’m Gonna Fuckin’ Kill You” --Nike's head of global marketing

The guy just landed his corporation and his personal self in a lot of trouble. He assaulted someone in a public venue, threatened him deadly... Way to go. I wouldn't be all that surprised if he changed jobs soon. Also, that he felt empowered to perform such doesn't speak well at all of Nike's culture.

However, the event gets a passing remark later:
Telling someone in anger that you’re going to kill him is really fucking weird. Part of adulthood is learning that it’s never an appropriate response to tell someone you’re going to kill him or her.
True. But I feel the article is trying to say "there are better ways than verbal violence to solve things, we must speak these things like adults...", where quite a set of society (using the term widely) would read "there are better ways than verbal violence... and who's the idiot that gives warning."

Be aware that when something like this happens, there's a modern Western midclass way of dealing with it... and there are a bunch of others. Modern. Western. Midclass. That's a lot of subsets that HAVE to come along. If your opponent is not ANY ONE of those, you can get skewered.

And I'm not saying you shouldn't try. I'm ust saying you absolutely need to be aware.

Take care.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Knowledge that kills

Ignorance kills. So does knowledge.

I heard this morning a guy with door experience tell an anecdote. He'd had to face a guy with a folded blade in his hand and managed to defuse it with a "in the time you open that I'll realign your face. Be a nice guy and close it."

From now on I'm guessing. I'm guessing he wasn't bluffing, but believing what he said. Certain kinds of knife are not much known, here. Yet?

An assisted blade from a good source costs 35€ at the local Amazon. The legality of assisteds hasn't been explored in Spain, with a Weapons Code that predates their invention. A good "flipper" blade is about as fast. A BAD thumbhole folder is just as fast, since it becomes, basically, a gravity knife.

And on and on.

Is your reaction faster than that? In bad light?

What other things are you so sure about?

Take care.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

EDC review preview

I'm planning on a review of knives, mostly folding blades. I had a couple in the previous incarnation of the blog, but they got archived. Current candidates are:
  • Kershaw scallion (Ken Onion)
  • CRKT Ripple (Ken Onion)
  • CRKT Kommer Fulcrum
  • Kershaw Crown
  • Benchmade mini-Griptilian
  • CRKT Horus (Elishewitz)
  • CRKT Graphite (Glenn Klecker)
  • Brous blades Division
  • Brous blades mini Division
  • Kershaw Shuffle
  • Marttini MFK-1
  • Kershaw link
  • MCusta Gentlemen's MC-5
  • Nieto 11038 skinner
Take care.