Thursday, January 15, 2015

Enshrining the Pooh-Bah

Why do people insist in the worship of idols? Even in associations where the headmaster is as down to earth as you could ask for, you get people who eat the "my martial art is the best thing since sliced bread" meme and apply it to their art and their head instructor. Against his wishes.

I've known Ángel since early autumn, 1994. That's over 20 years, guys. Some of the current black belt practitioners weren't even born. A big share of them were learning to walk. And the, in a discussion about the origins of the Spanish branch, and about its influences and trajectory, one of the guys inserts the statements of someone from EPAK, of all things, to justify his interpretation, his very much restrictive interpretation, of Ángel's style. Against his words and behaviour these last 20 years.

People have given up hope on humankind for less.

Why is it that people insist on the mechanics, skim them, crank the strength on them... and then conveniently forget, because it runs against what they just did, whatever else the instructor actually, you know, said?

And if this happens with someone who's been trying to avoid it for decades...

Annoyed. 36+ hours later, and I'm still pissed. That's no way to honour someone's teachings.

Take care.

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