Thursday, November 5, 2015

EDC review preview

I'm planning on a review of knives, mostly folding blades. I had a couple in the previous incarnation of the blog, but they got archived. Current candidates are:
  • Kershaw scallion (Ken Onion)
  • CRKT Ripple (Ken Onion)
  • CRKT Kommer Fulcrum
  • Kershaw Crown
  • Benchmade mini-Griptilian
  • CRKT Horus (Elishewitz)
  • CRKT Graphite (Glenn Klecker)
  • Brous blades Division
  • Brous blades mini Division
  • Kershaw Shuffle
  • Marttini MFK-1
  • Kershaw link
  • MCusta Gentlemen's MC-5
  • Nieto 11038 skinner
Take care.

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